Friday, 28 June 2013



I enjoy learning German and for the past few weeks, each evening I have listened to a little German radio (B5 plus or Bayern 2) or watched some online TV. (Last night there was a programme called "Tierish' Tierish" and since there were lots of cats and dogs on it, I'm guessing it was about pets.)

Earlier on this year my energetic, warm and very funny German tutor died after suffering a massive stroke. The little local church could not hold all those who came to pay their respects to this lovely lady. A couple of weeks later I was allocated a new tutor but I found it hard to apply myself. Over the months since she took on the task of teaching me I have found her also to be warm, funny and supportive of my laborious attempts to understand cases, reflexive verbs and modal verbs.

(Even though as soon as I conquer one subject and learn another, I forget the first subject.)

Under my new tutor's care I've found my enthusiasm creeping back. Having the right teacher goes a long way to making you want to emerse yourself in the language or surprise them with a new word (my lessons are sadly full of surprising new words but I'm getting better!) I'm lucky to have had two tutors who know how to fire that enthusiasm :)


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