Monday, 8 July 2013

Camping and Wimbledon

We were promised a hot, sunny weekend, so we both booked Monday off work and on Saturday headed down the M5 to a favourite camp site near Woolacombe. You can't book pitches in advance so you have to just drive and hope. We were in luck and pitched in an area with fantastic views over the Bristol Channel.
We treated ourselves to a lazy afternoon with beer and BBQ...
(The anaemic looking steaks are turkey)
Our restaurant for two :)
This place really lets you enjoy the rugged north Devon coast. You don't need to walk all over it, swim in it or sail past it. You can sit and watch it's moods change as the sun sets.
Sunday 7th July was one of those days you know you're going to want to remember where you were and what you did. We'd foregone breakfast and got down to the beach early to spend the morning surfing the challenging waves 2 ft (!) Lunch was a terrific roast in a nearby pub followed by a wander round the small town to find which pubs would be showing the Wimbledon final. We chose Captain Jacks as probably the coolest on that blistering hot afternoon.
We found a bench right in front of the screen and I vowed not to leave until Andy Murray won. (I was certain he was going to).
Three hours later the crowd in the pub erupted and the cheering and clapping was heart felt. We had a new champion and more importantly Andy Murray had created a new legacy for those of us from the same small Scottish town as him. It would have to taken something on that scale to keep me in a pub for 3 hours. I get bored very easily!
The early evening was spent recovering from achy muscles, trying to find somewhere to dry off our wetsuits and wallowing in the huge sense of contentment after an emotional Wimbledon final.
Rather than try to describe how pretty this area is, I took loads of pics for you of the views you get as you drive to the beach.
The roads are narrow,
and steep,
and twisty,
and worth it.

Back to the office tomorrow!