Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mud and Doodles

After days of rain, this morning's clear blue sky drew us outside.   I had my to go for my week 3 couch to 5K run anyway and Himself supported by coming along and jogging beside me.  I'll be back up to speed by end of Feb but having not run at all for most of last year I'm building up slowly.  After a quick pause for a breakfasty, lunchy brunchy thing we set off again, boys in tow for long walk.
 It was long (4 miles).  And it was muddy.  And as much as I enjoyed having a blue sky over my head, the mud was a drag and you can tell I wasn't feeling the joy of it.
The countryside is so dormant at this time of year with confused tones, neither fresh nor colourful and the low sun brings long shadows.

And it's still watery!
And during the wet times of the weekend there was time for this sort of thing...

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