Sunday, 9 February 2014

Still raining...

The rain continues to fall and although the Country House is (mostly) watertight the journey to work along flooded country lanes gets more interesting each day.  Will I get through the Big Dip...  will I make it past the Plain of Puddles?
And the wet weather keeps us all indoors, so this week I've continued to focus on Zentangling with the aid of a very good book.  One Zentangle A Day teaches you three designs each day which you then have to use in a tile.  As you work through the book it introduces you to using shadow, shading and other things to add depth to your patterns and make them pop.  
I had my doubts about needing a book to teach me how to "doodle" but there is more to it than I thought and I can see an improvement in what I'm producing now.  It's flowing more easily.

So all that had helped with a birthday present for someone.  I won't say anymore in case they read this before I see them tomorrow !!  It's caused artistic differences between me and Himself because he doesn't think much of it and that made me doubt it.  But a straw poll at work (ie asking one other person!) restored my faith and so it's framed and ready to be given.  I just have to hope Himself is wrong!
For a change I thought I'd try drawing on a stone too...
 Since this was just a practice I drew straight onto the was very gritty and wore out my pen nib :(

So I'm getting two stones ready for next week by coating them first in some gesso I found in the back of a you do.
There was a lot of baking done this Sunday too, the Little One made some cakes form a school recipe. They were such a success I didn't get a chance to photograph them!  And I had another try at one of James Morton's loaves from his book Brilliant Bread.  For this loaf I left it to prove overnight in the fridge.  Next morning we had it for breakfast and although it's still a bit dense, the taste was great, in fact...brilliant!  This may become a regular thing!
The best breakfast ever, nom nom!

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