Sunday, 8 February 2015

Polymer Clay Characters, Clocks and Mirrors

It's been many years since I first started playing with polymer clay.  I found these photos of past characters while I was rootling around my digital albums and thought I'd share them with you but the pics are not brilliant.  I don't quite know where I got the idea of pigs dressing up but once I'd had the idea, I ran with it in a similar fashion to yoga cows.  I'm thinking I may re-visit these characters in needle felt.  They all stand just over an inch but if I were re-making them I'd go slightly taller so I could get more detail in.

The characters below were mostly commissions or gifts.

The yoga cows have been with me a looooong time!  And you can see where I had to remove udders.  Apparently they have 4 not 6.
I found a way to make a perplexed face and stuck it on a business man body but that didn't explain his perplexed face...until I added the yoga moves. 
This little chap was one of my first 3D polymer clay creations and I still have him.  It's a Chilly Penguin and the back story is that because penguins live in such cold places, their mums worry about them and won't let them go outside without a hat, scarf and mittens. I think he's my favourite - but don't tell the others. 
Polymer clay is such a versatile medium.  I used to make clocks too, using inexpensive mechanisms bought online.

You can roll out polymer clay and cut tiny mosaic tiles for mirror surrounds.  The tiles below are 5mm square and I added some cupcake cane slices I'd made.  The design was grouted onto a normal kitchen clay tile round a 2" square mirror and backed with felt so it could be hung up without the rough tile back scratching the wall.
 This is a leafy mirror using thin slices of a leaf cane and a lemon cane glued into place.  
Finally this is my favourite mirror which I still have.  The sand coloured tiny mosaic tiles had tea leaves added because I wanted a stony texture and the White Horse at Uffington cane took for ever to make and shrink down!  I've still got loads of it.

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