Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas comfort

How do you create Christmas comfort? We don't turn the whole house into a christmas grotto (anymore!). We focus on making a few areas in the house really festive using soft candle light, fairy lights, scents and food, of course, food!
I drew a simple wreath on our chalk board and surrounded it with flickering candles. This sits on the mantlepiece above the log fire and sheds less pine needles than a real wreath!
The Noel sign is at the centre of a string of fairy lights strung over the fire.
And I have a couple of identical oil burners which are always filled with cinnamon, clove and winter themed scents. I suppose something is only special if it's not what you do all year round. In summer we rely on natural light to cheer up the cottage but in the darker months I prefer not to blast artifical light into the rooms from a central overhead bulb. Pools of light in various corners feels much more cosy.
Biscuits are a must and these were actually made for some overseas visiors we had. Of course in winter, Scotland mostly looks like it's covered in icing sugar.
The apple, cinnamon and custard pie which is rather splendid is from the mad about macarons website. Enjoy :)

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