Saturday, 19 May 2012

Quilt Fest!

To the Malvern Quilt Festival for a visual feast and a day filled with "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs"!!!  The imagination, creativity and just plain damned cleverness of those who quilt is amazing!!  I'm going to share some pics from today but I want to tease you a little with this....

So onto the beautiful are these?  The hours of planning and choosing and cutting and sheer love that's gone into these fabric compositions makes me blink in admiration.  There was soooo much talent on view today.

And once you you start looking at the details, your head spins all over again!  I absolutely love the patience in each stitch of the hand quilting.  

Simply stunning!

This quilt mixed rigid square blocks with flowing quilted circles.

Another joy was being able to wander round and share a coffee with my quilting buddy from sewing class, Miss P.  The trouble with an event like this is that resistance is futile....which is why I have to wish Miss P and her handsome new sewing machine a very happy stitchy life together :)  
 My own stash came mostly from Oliver Twist's wonderful selection of hand dyed silks....sigh....these will be turned into an arty silk paper day.....
So, back to the tease at the top of this post.  Let me show you a little more detail...beautiful tight swirls and small, small, teeny circles.......

 And now some more colour....just look at the workmanship
Perhaps this will give you a clue and isn't it clever the way the artist has made the quilting and thread colour the main feature rather than the grey fabric?
 No words, just complete admiration!
I'm only sorry my final big pic can't do justice to the finished item.  The artist is wonderful, talented Ferret  Yeaaaayyy Whoooop Whoooop!!  She deservedly won the first prize for this and if you've never seen her work, grab yourself a cuppa, settle down and follow the link :) 
If only all Saturdays could be this good :)

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