Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Week in the Big Smoke

The week day home was abandoned last week so I could go here...  
To do this....
This was a verrrrrry intense project management course.  If I had to stay awake through it you owe it to me, dear reader, to stick with me as I tell you that there were 12 of us to begin with, 1 fell by the wayside on Day 2 and the rest of us hung on grimly by our mental fingertips for the rest of the week.  We learned soooo much from 9am - 5pm our brains were in danger of leaking but at the end of each day we had to return to our homes and hotels to do additional study. 
 There were sorry tales of people waking up at 3.30 in the morning with one of their four text books plastered to their faces.  Others could bear no more in the evenings and set their alarms for 5am to try and cram the next morning.  We sat 2 exams, passed one and now have a 2 week wait to find out if we passed the final one and are therefore spared the pain of having to re-sit.

The course was being run in a building right next to St Paul's Cathedral so we were pretty central.  

At the end of each day when we were released, blinking, hunched and weary into the remaining daylight we went sight seeing round town.  We walked over to the South Bank and saw the Shard, The Globe and Tate Modern before walking back over the Millennium Bridge.  That evening ended with a curry down Brick Lane  very good and reasonably priced which was a nice surprise.

The following evening, we headed off on the Northern line to Camden Lock and Camden market.  I introduced my colleague to raw fruit smoothies at Inspiral before having a wander round the market. 

On the final morning, Day 5 we sat the last exam, had spasms when we saw how difficult the paper was, said our goodbyes to our fellow students and headed for home.  It was good to spend time here and we crammed a lot into one week (except sleep!) but it's always good to get home again :)

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