Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bunting Bag

So this morning I am supposed to be packing for a few days camping in France with Himself and the boys but I had, had, HAD to finish this.  Obviously I need it de faire du shopping au supermarch√©!!
I started it a few weeks ago because I had some fabric left over from my Bunting Tutorial.  It was nearly finished, I'd done all the tricky planning, measuring, cutting etc and only had to add the bunting flags and sew it up but could I get my act together to finish it?  The plan was always to have a special bag so I could take the Jubilee with me since we will be away for the whole thing.  This morning was really my last chance!
It's basically a very plain canvas bag with a strip of cheery fabric sewn over the lower third and wavey bunting sewn on using machine embroidery.  Feed dogs down and off you go!  I find it very liberating but I need a lot more practice.  The "string" the bunting is attached to is some red wool I found and zig zagged in  place.  The handles are reinforced with what I think is called webbing ?
It was fun to make and I predict there will be more bags with machine embroidered pictures on my return....

In other news - if you remember this  I DID pass (phewwww!!) and the certificate arrived yesterday.  BIG happy!

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