Sunday, 24 June 2012

Camping & Monopoly Quilts

This evening the Week Day Home has been turned into Himself's personal football stadium complete with beer as England bid to progress in the Euro 2012 thing.  That's meant I've had a nice evening catching up on some overdue blogging and quilting housekeeping.
The quilting housekeeping means getting the Camping Quilt up to date.  This was the second quilt I made and it was made specially to accompany us on camping trips.  It was designed in greens to represent the green fields camp in, grey to represent the roads we drive down and splashes of bright pink representing summer time.  But so far this year we seem to have gone straight from spring to autumn :(
The quilt isn't just for keeping warm and snugly in our tent, it's a record of the trips we've taken it on.  I am a big fan of this stuff....I love making little labels to sew into things - just so you remember.  It must be a hangover from my scrapbooking and journalling.
Tonight I printed off some labels for the trips we've made so far this year...
 And once they've dried and been ironed, they get sewn on the back of the Camping Quilt.  Et voila!
In other quilting news, I've now finished the quilting on the Monopoly Quilt and it was easy peasy on the quilting frame from this post.  Last week it took me an evening to set the frame up and have a play about and two evenings to complete the quilt.  Admittedly it's not huge, about 3 ft by 5 ft but it was very satisfying to whizz across the frame making wobble shapes.  I discovered I am excellent at making wobble shapes and rubbish at quilting in the ditch or doing straight lines.  So I'm not showing you any close ups!!
 And now we're down to penalties to I'm off to cheer on the team...night night x

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