Friday, 5 October 2012

Mouse Mat

Our sewing teacher gave us all a summer challenge a few weeks ago.  She sent us a few small pieces of fabric and we had to make a quilty thing using each of the fabrics and were allowed to add one additional fabric.  I was on a bit of a mouse roll at the time so decided to interpret the challenge in such as way as I got to make another mouse. so here is my "mouse mat".  The quilting is sneakily added in the quilt the mouse is sitting on.  I've just realised I've added buttons.  Ummm... I don't think that was in the brief so don't tell anyone 'kay?
In other news, it's autumn here and I've got the photographic evidence...
 ...and we had a fabby full moon last weekend.  It's a cracker isn't it? 
I played about with my camera settings and ended up with something which looks either like an Alpine mountain (rather than the stone wall it actually is) or a painting.  I like it.

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