Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mud Running

Today was the annual local mud run so we walked from the country house to the cricket ground and got signed up. (I didn't run because someone has to hold the jumpers and take the photos.) After some horrible wet weather yesterday, this morning brought clear blue skies and strong sunshine. Only a cold wind reminded us that we are drifting gently into winter.

The boys ran off somewhere while I took my camera fingers through a thorough warm up and stretch.

The full race is a pretty gruelling 11km slog across soggy, boggy, wet fields and lanes. Once the main race had been started and everyone had disappeared in a schlep of lycra, the 2km mini fun run got underway. No 1 child returned 14 mins later in about 35th position and child number 2 skidded in about a minute after. Both did very well and naturally we had to take pics of the medal. This was the moment I had trained for after all.

They took their muddy little selves off to look out for Super Dad and watch the end of the race. Once again family pride runs high with all boys taking on the challenge and winning even if they didn't win, if you see what I mean.

It took a mammoth shower session before they were all clean enough to be taken to the local pub and fed a huge Sunday lunch. My nose has only just thawed out!


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