Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Wreath

Here's an idea I found on you tube.  It took a couple of evenings to make but is ideal for the town house which is an apartment at the top of an old building and therefore has a front door protected from the weather, perfect for a paper wreath!  I actually made it back in the autumn but had to wait for the seasonal baubles to appear in the shops so I could finish the center piece.  
I finished this one with bronzey baubles because the vintage pages of the book I used had that dull, slightly yellow tinge to them that all the best old books have.  However, at work we have a competition with some colleagues in another department for who can produce the best decorations. So some of us are quietly making these paper twirls and hiding them in our drawers (of the filing variety!) ready to assemble by the end of this week and this weekend I made some more of the newsprint baubles I posted about a few days ago so it will be a silver wreath.  I'll post pics once it's finished :)
In the meantime, if you have time - this is a very satisfying make and the scale of the finished wreath is big enough for you to feel you've made something worthwhile with a big TA DAHHH factor!

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