Monday, 24 December 2012

1 more sleep!!!

I was planning a lazy start to Christmas Eve, y'know the kind of thing, coffee in bed...long shower, leisurely breakfast. So when I woke at 6am and started mentally running through all the nice things I had to do today I couldn't wait to get up and get on...

The coffee pot tea cosy (I need a better name) is now finished. I started it a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of many visitors drinking many coffees and needing to keep the pot warm. And anyway, why does no one make these, you can get tea cosies after all! This is a bit of a prototype and although it would have been easier to make a tall cosy and pop it over the whole thing, I wanted a quilted jacket style of thing. It is a wee bit clumsier than I like but it will do the job for now :)

Next on my tick sheet was this......a slab of millionaire shortbread, ohhhh yeahhhhh! I LOVE this stuff but mostly when you buy it in shops it's dry. The caramel filling should be goooooooey. I used a recipe I found on the back of a carnation condensed milk tin. What? There's a bit missing from the bottom left corner? No, I don't know anything about that. *innocent face*

And bizarrely I've spend a ridiculous amount of time making a thing I've never eaten and have no idea what it should taste like. Pomegranate molasses. Anyone tried it? It's for inclusion in an ottolenghi recipe for another thing I've never eaten called kisir. It's a vegan dish and I liked the sound of it. I'll let you know.....

Oh and one last thing, we've just checked on the Santa Tracker and he's over China. 'Cited!!!


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