Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snowed in

So 3 days ago the Snow God sneezed and I've been stuck in the Week Day Home all weekend.  For 24 hours the roads on my hill were officially closed by the police so I couldn't get out of town which meant no Country House with Himself and the Boys or sledging and igloo building for me. Here in the UK we behave as if we are the only country dealing with the current snowfall and yet all over Europe it's the same.  

I'm strangling learning the German language and find out interesting things such as Israel has had bad snow and Jordan had floods via the Tagesschau news channel. I loved that the weather forecast showing central Germany at -12 celsius was delivered in a completely relaxed way where as here we go panic buying if there's a hint of -1.  Also, travelers stranded in a German airport were shown sleeping comfortably on airport supplied camp beds with blankets which makes me think I'd prefer to be stranded there than Heathrow.  The Brits are actually pretty stoical about snow and bad weather but our media love creating a drama out of it. 

All that unexpected time on my hands lead to some extra yoga time (Tara Lee - superb but I'm not showing you photo's of me doing a wobbly tree pose) and some baking thanks to a book I was given for Christmas.
 Here's my version of Mary's lemony swiss roll.  Yummmmm....
In addition to the baking I decided to experiment a bit more with the machine embroidery I was doing last week.  (It's so odd to work in the craft room and hear nothing except my machine whirring away.  The little road outside was so icey none of the usual cars or horse have been out and about.)
And once I'd gained some confidence I made a thing....
I'm hoping to build up to doing writing.  This is a great, fun way to use your machine, especially as an antidote to the strict stitching and accuracy of patchwork!  Hopefully I'll be able to escape the four walls tomorrow because although it's nice to have time home alone, I've had plenty now thanks.

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