Wednesday, 9 January 2013

January Stillness

January feels very still so far.  It's the usual reaction to Christmas being over, the decoration's being taken down and trying to get back into the work routine.  The  motorway feels very dark and loooong these mornings!  But for me it's mostly still because of not having a project I MUST complete.  I'm working away on my 6 Ball Blanket which I've renamed my Seagreen Blanket but there is no pressure to make anything.  No pressure at all.  I can make what I want in my own time.  It's blissfully calming and I realised I'm crafting for...relaxation.

I promised that I would share the Christmas gifts now they have been opened....
Both are quilts, both made as surprises for the recipients and both (I'm relieved to say) liked by their new owners.  You never quite know when you make something to someone else's taste if you'll get it right but these seemed to work.  Both were made in the evenings over 8 weeks and I must admit, I think I took on a bit too much but that's a lesson learned and I'm going to enjoy the stillness of January and only craft for pleasure this month.  Who knows, I may just get back into doing my yoga in the evenings and not make anything at all!

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