Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bread and Rose Macarons

Sometimes once your eyes are open, you are awake and that's it.  Nothing is going to let you drift back to nodland.  That's why I was padding downstairs at 5.45am this morning.  I'd given up on sleep and wanted fresh coffee.   My recent focus has been on marvellous macarons and since our two week holiday is nearing its end, I decided to take advantage of it being just me and the dawn and bake something savoury.

Just yum.
We had the boys with us today and since I have a recipe for an elderberry sauce, we went to see if there were any ready to be foraged down the lane behind the Country Cottage.  I'm getting more accustomed to being deep in the middle of nowhere countryside.  As long as Tesco and Amazon can still find me I'll cope.
The elderberries are still not quite ready but we did find sloes so once they're a bit bigger that's this season's gin sorted out :)
The cobnuts are ripening.
The (neighbours) pears are coming on.  (I've got pear envy.  Think of all the pear based options if you had a crop like this!)
We picked these poppy seed heads and shook them like maracas all the way home then gleefully scattered the tiny little seeds in the lane outside the cottage in the hope that we may get the splash of bright red poppies growing there next year.
And I had some important macoranage to take care of this evening when I made the rose scented, turkish delighty filling for the pink shells made yesterday and stored overnight in the fridge.  I'm still suffering from ugly shell syndrome so they are veeeeery wonky and don't sit neatly or horizontally on the plate but when you bite into don't care!

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