Saturday, 10 January 2015

Frugal Home Made Mascara Remover!

I've nominated 2015 to be my year of living frugally.  I'm seeing it as my financial detox after the excesses of Christmas.  But I'm not going to go crazy with it.  My plan is simply to try and make things instead of buying them.  My first challenge is make up remover which I've run out of.  Even the best (and often expensive) ones never seem to work really well and just leave you with panda eyes.  So can you make your own?  Google says yes.
The simplest recipe I found was 50% olive oil mixed with 50% witch hazel. I bought a bottle of witch hazel from a local chemist (about £2.00 for 250ml) and mixed it (in a small  decorative souvenir bottle from Morocco) with standard cooking olive oil.  Then I applied a lot of mascara and let it dry.  I shook the bottle and put some on a cotton pad and swept it across my eyelashes....
Actually amazing!  It removed everything nice and quickly with only two wipes.  I shall never need to buy "proper" make up remover again.  This is well worth trying.

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