Monday, 28 March 2016

Highland Retreat

We have just returned from a week hidden away in the Trossachs.  Armed with a camera, sturdy walking socks and wine, it was a perfect break from routine although I did miss the internet. I was educated and raised only a few miles from this beautiful wilderness and have long loved its uncompromising remoteness. 
We packed the dog and headed north of Hadrian's Wall for his first holiday.
We rented a cottage on the shores of Loch Katrine and if you imagine the music from the film, "Local Hero" I'll shut up and let the scenery speak for itself.  These are pictures all taken around Loch Katrine and Loch Lomond. They may feature a small dog.

 And the final joy of the week - Lorne sausage.  Lorne sausage is like a sausage without the skin, shaped in a log and sliced.  It is the breakfast of brave hearts and greedy women.  I brought home 3kg of it.  My freezer is full.


  1. What lovely photos! The Highland cow is just perfect and it looks as if you had the weather too. I think I'd go a bit spare if I didn't have the Internet for so long, but sausage might be a compensation.

    1. Yes the weather was quite stunning and the lack of Internet was good for my soul. I can live without Pinterest! (But not for too long)