Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Mixed Media Page - Into the Blue

For this page I had an almost fully formed idea in my mind but since it would be a couple of days before I had time to get to my craft desk, I drew a quick sketch.
My first attempt was frustratingly all wrong.
My second attempt was much closer to the picture in my head despite missing out some of the elements in the sketch such as the birds flying off in the distance and the eggs at the base.
As I was working on it, I had a problem with the bottom of the picture. For 2 days I was stuck at this stage, long legged birds just hanging, not anchored on the page.
I'd seen a fabulous stamp with exactly the foliage I needed (I don't have any foliage stamps) but it appeared to have been discontinued. I'd ordered another non-foliage related stamp from the same online company and asked about the foliage one. So today, my order arrived which was lovely but get this - the owner had replied to say the foliage stamp was indeed discontinued but she had a few left and had sent me one as a gift. That unexpected kindness made my day! Here is the gorgeous stamp from UK based Inky Doodles. They're new to me and have some really well thought out stamp combinations so I'm sure I'll be back. There are some videos with very good techniques which are worth watching too. And the leaves were exacty right for my picture so thank you Heather at Inky Doodles!

See the leaves at the bottom? I'm looking forward to playing with more of the combinations offered by this versatile stamp. Do check out Inky Doodles.
I'd wanted to keep stamping to a minimum on this page so the birds are very simple hand drawn shapes cut from white card and glued to an acrylic background spritzed with a silver mica spray.
It's both rewarding and liberating to use your own designs!

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