Sunday, 19 June 2016

Ballot Box Sunday

At the time of writing, we are only a few days from the UK referendum vote to remain in or leave the European Union.  This Sunday morning, like all the other officials up and down over the UK, we went to collect the ballot boxes and polling booth in readiness.  

It's not me but Himself who has the early start this Thursday to get the polling station open and ready for the early bird voters at 7am.  Once the polls close at 10pm, he will seal the ballot box and deliver it to be counted.  He'll probably come home very late and fall asleep on the sofa.  Me, I've taken the  next day off on holiday because I think this will be the biggest, most important vote of my generation and I don't want to miss the results coming in overnight.
Because Himself has no opportunity to leave his station to cast his vote and because I can never be certain any voting days won't coincide with meetings abroad, we both use a postal vote.  We sent our papers back last week so for us the job is done.  

I have no doubt the UK would survive an exit but I work for a European company who employ over 6,000 people UK and I travel to the Continent several times a year both for work and for pleasure.  I like testing out my wonky French and German and have always found the native speakers to be sympathetic and supportive of my efforts.  So yes, you can get along ok on your own but it's much better to have friends.

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