Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ma Normandie - Art Journal Page

At school we learned a song called "Ma Normandie".  I still remember it and still like it.  It's actually the semi official anthem of Jersey but I think of it as a love song to an area we've visited many times from the beautiful beaches of the northern shores to Bayeaux with its fabulous church, crypt, tapestry and patisserie to further inland to Falaise and the birthplace of William the Conquerer.  The colours of the apple orchards and half timbered buildings are soft and muted and are echoed in the soft tones of this art journal page.
In English the words are:
Under the beautiful sky of our France, 

When the the sun returns gentler, 
When nature has turned green again, 
When the swallow has returned, 
I like to see once more my Normandy.

The textures on the page are built up with a mixture of ribbon, canvas, burlap and embossed cardstock.

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