Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wallflower Whoops

Just when I thought I'd cracked the crochet wallflower and was thinking I was all the clever things and an undiscovered crochet genius...reality came along to remind me that my ability to stuff up is almost endless.  Can you see what I did?  I sewed the front of the flower to the back of the stem so that you can see the darned ends!  Unpick, unpick, unpick!  

On a happier hooky note, when I went on my birthday trip to the wool shop in Bristol a couple a weeks ago, the lovely ladies there helped me select the right colour of wool I'll need to make the border for my six ball blanket.  I went thinking I wanted a plain blue but they brilliantly suggested the variable blue wool from the same range, Rico - Superba Bamboo.   At the moment the Six Ball Blanket is a Four Ball Blanket but each month that creeps by it gets a little longer :)

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