Monday, 2 July 2012

Rock on!

Back from a long weekend at the seaside where we were blessed with warm sunshine and only a little showery rain.  We camped near Rock in Cornwall with relatives and new friends to support a relative doing the annual one mile swim from Rock to Padstow - and for the fish and chips!  I haven't counted up how many we were but there were 5 families and about 11ish children.  It's difficult to be certain because they run around all the time so thank goodness for the civilising influence of those in our party who not only brought home made cakes, they brought a cake stand to place them on.  Just looking at the photo makes me feel a tiny bit refined.  (See that half a scone with jam and cream on top?  I had that - delish!)
My contribution was mostly Pimms in a special boot holder.
The area is beautiful with glorious coastal walks, sandy beaches and more photo opportunities than I knew what to do with.  Even the way they park their boats is appealing. 
 A pretty red sailing boat floated along in front of us as we walked along a cliff top.

It's refreshing being near the coast, feeling the wind whip your hair and tasting gritty sand.  We were only away Friday to Sunday but it feels like we've had a proper little holiday.  I've even got sunburn!

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