Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Frosty walk

For the past few weeks when I've finished work and taken Buster out for his walk and wee it's been dark, damp and gloomy. Today, however we have had glorious sun and cold, cold, frostiness. For me this is a good thing. I like that blast of icy chill that reaches deep into your lungs and clears them out - like a lungonic. This is the first winter our puppy has experienced and he's been curious about the crunch of frosted grass and spiky branches but he's quickly learned to avoid icy puddles because he sliiiiiiiides.
We went round the corner and down the lane where you get nice views over the valley and since everyone walks their dogs and horses down there it's always full of interesting smells. I assume so anyway, given how long it takes Buster to nose his way along. We caught the sun creating long shadows....
In the bottom of the valley is a field which lies north facing and too low for this weak winter sun to reach and so it has kept its white glow of frost all day.
The sheeps wool caught in the barbed wire looks like straggly prayer flags.
We headed for home and a mug of hot tea as the sun sank below the distant hills.

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  1. Such lovely pictures - I much prefer winter from the comfort of a warm room, and looking at beautifully scenic views. The light is wonderful.