Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Spring is springing

It's been so mild and wet here in the south west of England that the plants don't know what's going on and are popping up to have a look. Daffodils are well advanced.
The honeysuckle round our shed is getting greener by the day.
These rather scruffy looking primroses are providing a burst of unexpected yellow even before any snowdrops have appeared.
And the buds in the trees are...budding.
There are splashes of white and pink blossom in the hedgerows.
Very pretty but very early. I can't remember seeing signs of Spring arriving late December. These pics were actually taken a couple of days ago around the new year and blossoms and buds have been more and more visible. Each time Buster takes me for a walk, we notice more signs of how our unseasonably mild winter is impacting plant life. If I start hearing swallows and martins I'll know we're all going to hell in a hand cart.
I'm never sure if these are catkins or pussy willows.
Big country, small dog. This was a very muddy, overcast, grey walk indeed but after days of rain was one of our rare chances to get outside for a decent leg stretch. Buster found molehills, miscellaneous poo, horse tracks and all kinds of unsavoury gloop which he relished. We had him on the extendable lead so he had freedom to run around. In the village he's on a short lead due to his habit of jumping up to greet people with his muddy paws and chasing cars. The cars are a recent interest. I'm not sure if he's trying to chase them, race them or scare them. We've discussed his behaviour with him. He listened then ran off to play with his ball. I suspect the answer will turn out to be sausage related. Bribery is a wonderful thing.
We're also becoming adept at dog washing. You expect if if the ground is wet or muddy. You don't expect it after a breaking and entering escapade because the lure of dusty coal is too strong.

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