Monday, 30 May 2016

Happy Goth - Art Journal Page

To add sound to a You Tube video you can select from a range of dooby dooby doo style free music downloads as long as you credit the creater.  So far so groovy, but it means I can't share the real background ambiance that accompanied the creative process you see on your screen.
For this project I was inspired by the music I was listening to.  The Divine Comedy are a firm favourite since making me cry with laughter at "My Lovely Horse" the conceit being that this was a song written by Father Ted as his entry to Eurovision.  If you want a happy boogie round the kitchen I can recommend the lyrical, humorous and witty Divine Comedy.  These are songs which will charm your soul and uplift you.  Try the beautifully observed "Lady of a Certain Age", massively joyous "Charmed Life",  the better known "National Express" or the title of this page "Happy Goth".  

You're welcome.

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