Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Easter Bunny

Some years ago I was asked to make an Easter Bunny.  I got out my Fimo and this was the result.  The eggs are decorated with the Millefiori Technique I discussed here in my Crochet Hook Tutorial and the Bunny is moulded directly from clay.  The little basket was given added texture by mixing a brown clay with very small wool fibers but not too much or it will prevent the clay from sticking.  My favourite thing here are the teeth.  I got the technique for making them from the genius Polymer Clay artist Dinko Tilov http://www.funclay.com/  You roll out a piece of white clay, press a knife edge into it at intervals of approx 2mm, bake to harden and then snap off the number of teeth you want to use (2 for Bunnies!) and slide into the soft clay of the mouth.  They simply get re-baked when you harden the rest of the Bunny.  It's much easier than trying to add them while still soft.  And you see how the ears blend from white in the centre out to pink?  Well that's another great technique called a Skinner Blend described here. 

I made a number of these little characters to give to friends and this is the last one I have left.  I think I'll keep him :)

Happy Easter !

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