Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Ightham Moat

The third and final reason we went Camping in Kent over the Easter holiday was to visit this romantic old manor - Ightham Moat.  Isn't it lovely?  It dates from about 1330 and was restored by the National Trust after it was given to them in 1985.  We visited on a soggy, wet day so you're probably not seeing it at it's best in these pictures.  It's the type of place you'd want to revisit on a summers day with a picnic.  And Pimms.

The flowers falling over this wall soften the brickwork and gave Himself some ideas for what we could do in the Country House.  (Neither of us are very good at plants apart from potatoes.  We're very good at potatoes.  And mint - to go in the Pimms.)

Below is the courtyard.  It just looks so...English.  You can imagine someone strumming Greensleeves on a lute.

I'm glad we saved this till last.  It was easily the best of our three days.  Hever Castle was a curious mix of historical house and conference centre, The Tower of London was imposing, impressive and busy busy busy but Ightham was peaceful and beautiful.  (With great cheese scones in the tea room too!)

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