Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Woodland Walk

We don't often get a weekend to ourselves.  Usually we're trying to juggle domestics, play time, homework, small boy socialising, gardening, hobbies, baking....well, you know.  But this weekend was different, not only did we have it to ourselves, we had no obligations to be anywhere.  Bliss!  So we wrapped up very warmly against a chilly wind and went for a walk in a storm force gale wood.

The signs are all there, that spring and warmer weather is on it's way.  Ladybirds and blossom....
 ...and that perfectly clean limey green of fresh leaves unfurling.  If you look straight up it's like confetti!

Once the sunshine had gone and the clouds returned, we headed into Bath to my favourite fabric shop and bought this snazzy stripey fabric.  With the Jubilee, the Olympics and everything happening in a big UK way this summer, I thought we might need some more bunting!  I'll show you once it's finished :)

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