Monday, 4 July 2016

Time in a Garden

On one of the unexpected, warm and bright Saturday mornings of early summer, we sat in the garden with hands wrapped round mugs of coffee.  As the caffeine worked it's magic, we noticed the garden was actually fizzing with activity.   From the ground up things were happening.  Grass, cut only a few days previously, was waving like corn in a field.  Insects, bees and butterflies filled the air and any bit of air uninhabited by flying things was filled with pollen and floaty flower bits.  And above that were swallows, swifts and house martins darting about playing chase through the sky.  This page is stuffed in an effort to capture that atmosphere and sense of fullness.  You'll need to provide your own coffee though.
 The lime greens of late spring and early summer keep everything fresh and vivid.  Like cucumber in Pimms.
 These petals were cut from ordinary transfer paper coloured with pencils and layered.
Enjoy the video showing how this page was made.

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