Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Gilded Tag

There are many ways to achieve a gilded effect on card.   You can buy golden mirror card or one of the hot foiling tools on the market.  Although I've been tempted down the hot foiling route, this method serves me well and in this video I show what I use to get the gilded effect.  I also share a technique for creating exactly the colour of flat backed embellishments to suit your project.  It's at the end of the video and requires only a craft heat gun and glue gun.  No expensive machines or foil!
The quote is by Francis Bacon and is also the title of what is probably Josephine Tey's best known book "The Daughter of Time",  a brilliant dissection of the historical lassitude that accepts the Tudor rendition of Richard III as a usurper and nephew murderer.  He wasn't.  

....and back on Planet Craft...see the gold blob in the pic below?  You can make that. 

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