Saturday, 11 February 2012

Brightly Cold

Ooooh, it's a chilly morning here but lovely to wake up to bright sunshine.  

How cold do those birds look??  This sort of weather is the perfect excuse for tucking up warm and cosy indoors and getting on with the 6 Ball Blanket.  And this is where I have to thank Lucy of  attic 24  for all the wonderful inspiration on her blog.  I'd always been a bit intimidated by anything woolly until I found her site but her tutorials are so clear it removes The Fear.  

The 6 Ball Blanket below is from her Granny Stripe tutorial but without the stripes.  For my first attempt at crochet I wanted Simple!  It's treble stitch all the way and has been gradually growing at a rate of about 1 ball a month.  Now it's at a very satisfying stage because as I hook away, I can feel the weight and warmth of it on my knees.  Thanks Lucy :)

(The wool I've used is Rico Design Superba Bamboo)

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful sea blanket, makes me want to head to the beach!
    your icy tree photos are stunning, lovely to visit with you