Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Scrunchy Flower Tutorial

One of the things I most appreciate about other people's blogs is their generosity in sharing techniques and tutorials.  I'm going to show you how I make scrunchy flowers.

You'll need punches or a template to cut 3 different size circles, some coloured card, some paper fasteners, a water spray and glimmer mist (I used gold)
Cut or punch 3 different sized circles

Spritz with water, just enough to make the card damp and scrunch up.
Layer up with the biggest circle on the bottom.  Spritz with the gold glimmer mist and use the paper fastener to hold the three layers together.   

Sort of gather and scrunch up each layer around the fastener,  give it a squeeze and unfurl a little so the flower doesn't lie completely flat.  Ta dah !

For variation, rough up the outside rim of each circle (use a nail file or distressing tool) and add a punched out leaf.

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