Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Woolly Weekend

Birthday weekends are always special and our tradition is that the person whose birthday it is, gets to choose the weekend's activities. So if I say we have spent time (and money) at the splendid Get Knitted shop in Bristol and spent the rest of the day working on the attic24 flower wall hanging, you'll realise this wasn't a small person's birthday! The boys both small and tall didn't mind too much because happily, my yarn shop is round the corner from the motorbike shop. Or had they worked that out in advance...?
Having time off from grown up duties was a gift in itself as I settled down in the big corner chair for the whole afternoon with a basket full of new colours to play with. Himself got the wood burner blazing, cooked dinner for us and all was bliss in the Country House.
And the result of all that happy hooking is an attic24 flower wall decoration! Only the putting-it-together bit to go :)
Before I can finish the flower there's running to be done. We're all in training for our different races coming up in the spring. Two miles for Second Born, 4 miles for me and a half marathon for Himself.

And spring is just around the corner :)

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