Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A string of hearts

Hearts are everywhere today but I like hearts all year round.  That's why there's a string of tiny stuffed hearts across the back of my bed. There are 16 hearts on the string which were very quick to make, about 2 evenings worth of cutting, sewing, turning and stuffing.  Once you have all your hearts, thread string directly through the back and ta dah...!   

By the way, the Goodnight Angel was from "Crafting Christmas Gifts" a book by one of my fav designers, Tone Finnanger aka Tilda.  I made several of her angels to give as presents and one extra for the Week Day Home :) There are stuffed hearts dangling from drawer knobs and a heart themed quilt with wobbly hearts quilted in the centre.

This was the first quilt I ever made under the patient and calm instruction of my lovely sewing teacher, Catherine of www.onefatquarter.co.uk.  Each week she inspires our small group as we design, sew, layer and chat.  When the big moment arrives and it's time to join the layers of top design, wadding and backing, we help each other by adding our stitches to tack the layers together. I like the continuity, knowing that for centuries women have gathered exactly as we do to sit and sew and offer opinions or advice about fabric, colour, patterns or life.  It's a once a week peaceful oasis :)

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