Monday, 23 July 2012

After the rain

Finally after all the rain, this weekend the sun decided to shine on the south west of England!  Out we rushed into the neglected garden of the Country House to catch up on all the weeding, hoeing and...well actually not doing any of that - just sitting outside enjoying it all :)
The raindrops were still hiding in the folds of this perfect rose and the scent was fantastic, it really filled the air but it didn't last long.  By the end of the day the petals had wilted away.
We're in deepest farming land here and the world smelled earthy and fresh when the rain cleared.  The flowers and thistles down the lane all popped out and the insects, bees and birds got busy.
This was the first BBQ of the year - very late for us as we take every opportunity to get outside and start a fire and the boys take any chance to slap a bit of cow on the griddle!
 Then for had to be...
 Bliss on a stick!  For how ever short a time it may be with us - long live summer :)

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