Thursday, 5 July 2012

Monopoly Quilt Finished!

Finished!!  It hasn't taken too long to make but the pressure's been on to have it ready in time for Himself's youngest's birthday.  It's a biggie - it's double digits - it's 10!  As I explained in this post, the youngest is daft on Monopoly and once I found out you could buy the board printed on fabric I was mentally designing it faster than you can say "where's my credit card".
You know how it is - you finish all the clever design of the top and think it's finished.  Then you layer it up and umm and ahhh over how you're going to quilt it.  I had an idea before I started what I wanted to do but then you get into those detailed questions like how tight do I want my wobbles to be.  How close to the edge will I stitch and am I seriously thinking about stitching in the ditch even though I know I'm no good at it?!  And that's before you start thinking about what colour threads you want and can you get away with using an old random fabric you've had hanging around for the backing that's not intended to be seen or will you scour the internet for the fabric you KNOW will make the difference between a quilt you love or one you just like. 
Once I'd decided on the perfect back cloth I wanted to strike a contrast with the binding.  I bravely decided on a bright orange similar to that in the chance cards on the top piece.  Brave because orange brings me out in a rash - can't bear it - but it was perfect to frame the quilt and I'm really pleased I overcame my irrational dread of orange!  I opted for a black top thread and an orange bobbin thread.  And my sewing teacher will be proud to know yes I DID make a sample block to practice my stitch length and tension on! 
The wobbly quilting was done machine embroidery style on the long arm quilter (after several trials on scrap fabrics) and not too much of the upper black thread came through and where it did, it's fine :)
And the back charts my skills development!  I've had a look at it and found the bits where I panicked and went too quickly and found other sections where I can see I was more confident and less scared of the machinery.  I can even see where I relaxed and enjoyed myself.  And now it's finished.  

I've been wondering if it will be used as a monopoly board or just used to curl up in.  I'm pretty sure it will be trailed all around the house if towels, duvets and other quilts are anything to go by.  And what happens in the life of a quilt as it matures?  Will it be packed away in an attic for a few years then rediscovered?  Will it be kept close by the owner and might he pass it onto his children if it survives that long?  I like to think some future generation will see it as a curiosity and look up "monopoly" on history websites. Happy thoughts :)

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