Tuesday, 3 July 2012

June Mosaic

I'm always a few days late with the monthly mosaic!  I want more time to think and write about the things we've done or made and the places we've visited and it never happens.  So here is a quick summary of June with links!

There was a camping trip to Normandy with our Camping Quilt.  On our return I took a very happy delivery of the long arm quilter I'd lusted after for over a year and saved up for.  I started a very special quilt for a special little person's birthday and have now almost finished it - I'm soooo excited and I plan to show you in my next post!  The closing days of the month took us for a long weekend of camping at beautiful Rock in Cornwall.  There was a great coincidental comment on twitter this week "Who ever invented Cornwall should get a medal the size of a poppadom"  I totally agree :)  Here's the mosaic.....

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