Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Must be Summer...

So tonight, I'm messing about in my craft room (of course), listening to some banging tunes (not really) and wondering what to do with some gorjussss papers purchased recently when I hear a slow deep "whhoooooosssh" from outside.  I know that sound.  I hear it whenever the air is very still, usually early, early mornings or calm summer evenings.  And sure enough, it's the whoosh of balloons inflating ....

Balloons have been rising into the sky for the past three evenings and who can blame them.  Because I'm at the top of a building on the top of a hill, I get a close up view of the passengers in the baskets and sometimes I hear them whoop as the balloons rapidly ascend.  I had to rush to grab my camera and hang out of the window to catch these before they disappeared off into the sunset.
And when they finally did float away, I was left with a beautiful apricot coloured sun and the high pitched song of the swifts buzzing around my windows.  
I'm hoping the nice weather holds because me and Himself are off north tomorrow to the Yorkshire Dales for some walking and sight seeing.  It's a new area to us both and we're really looking forward to it.  (I haven't mentioned that there are 3 craft shops in one village alone.  Can't wait!!)

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