Saturday, 3 September 2016

Autumn Leaf Garland

The view from our kitchen window is of a huge horse chestnut tree in the field opposite.  Each year it rings the seasonal changes but is always seen at its glorious best in autumn when the leaves turn from green to saffron and gold.  I was standing at the sink looking out at the tree and wondering about  nipping over the stone wall to gather some of it's colourful leaves to make a garland.  Then I remembered I'm not skilled at nipping over stone walls and decided to make my own leaves using old card stock from my stash and doodling a bit on them for added interest.  So, this is a quick project which would be fun to do with children who could draw on their own leaves.  

Once all the leaves were strung up on some butchers twine, I dangled the garland round the lights we have draped over the mantlepiece.
The video below shows you how.  Enjoy!

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