Monday, 5 September 2016

Crackled Heart

Some years ago I blogged about a couple of Andy Skinner workshops I went to and learned some seriously cool dry brush techniques and ways to make things look very aged.   Andy popped up again on a crafting channel recently and it prompted me to dig out the Deco Art paints I bought 4 years ago (they were still completely fine) and brush up (geddit!) on my techniques.  Oh my, how much I've re-learned.

Andy's take on mixed media is that it's about building up layers and making the piece look as if it's had years of paint applied - sometimes looking as if it's been stripped back before another coat is applied.  He is a master of making cardboard look like heavy, rusty metal and uses a lot of browns and red in his work.  In this tag I used his techniques but in different colours.  
The texture and background in this piece are of greater importance than the embellishments.  It's  technique rich and I think the overall look of faded opulence works beautifully in these colours.

The finished full tag.  Enjoy the video below too.

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