Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Count is with You

I like working on projects which reflect the colours and seasons when they're created.  This tag evokes that creepy feeling you sometimes get walking down a dimly lit road and hearing other unseen footsteps.  It's the time of year when the clocks have moved back an hour to allow more daylight in the mornings but those dark early evenings feel quite spooky until you adjust to the winter clock. 
My favourite thing about this piece is the background of skulls, created by using Deco Page glue as a resist through a stencil.  What's great about this glue is that it dries properly dry and doesn't remain tacky.
I have to apologise for using two stamps which are no longer available.  Both the iron fence and the Count himself are stamps from Waltzing Mouse which is sadly no longer trading.  I'd suggest finding a clip art image of a cloaked figure, printing it on card and cutting round it.  I try not to use things I know you can't get any longer but I have very few Halloweeny stamps on principal (because I don't like the way this old festival to respect and remember our ancestors has been re-branded as Pumpkin-Fest) and I wanted to get some use out of those I do have.
I am, however, fond of a bat, me.  We see lots of bats flitting about in the autumn twilight skies and they are fascinating.  The speed at which they swoop around is amazing and our observations have taught us that they appreciate a spot of light which lets them see the insects and bugs they are looking for and that they fly around in ovals so if you missed it first time, it'll be back in a minute in roughly the same place.
Enjoy the video and the atmospheric music :)

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