Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Different Time - Mixed Media Tag

When I look at these old photos they seem to come from a more innocent, simpler time.  I doubt that's entirely true.  If these date from 1940's America then the faces looking out at us in a slightly self conscious way may have seen the depression and crop failures of the 1930's and war.  Perhaps it's the reserve the faces exhibit which marks them out as coming from another era.  In our times no one is camera shy (except me).  Sex sells and sex tapes can bring fame and fortune to those who think such things are worth having.  I'll keep my self respect intact and spare your blushes :)
Sepia browns and denim blues are the perfect colour palette for these pictures.  
The words are printed onto card, cut out, the edges inked and stuck onto a piece of ripped corrugated card.  All these elements felt right to capture the homespun feeling suggested by the pictures.
The video shows how...

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