Friday, 5 August 2016

About a Brother (scan and cut)

A few weeks ago I bought a Brother Scan and Cut CM900 machine.  

I had been thinking about upgrading from my 10 year old Craft Robo for ages but I wanted to get it right and go for the right machine.  I've been quite surprised in my crafting research to learn some crafters have numerous cutters.  I only have space for one and having opted for the scan and cut and played about with it I'm really impressed!  It's much easier to use than my old Craft Robo and will save me money and storage since I never need to buy a die to match a stamp ever again.  Hooray!

I have resisted relying on it for these blog posts because I prefer to make projects anyone can have a go at with basic things - paints, stamps, inks etc.  But for this post I wanted to share a card I made for someone (who will remain anonymous in case they don't want people to know their age!) using the scan and cut.  It took about 10 mins working in the cloud based software for the machine, Brother Canvas and involved splitting, welding and inserting, all things which would have taken me ages in my old Craft Robo.  If you're thinking about getting this machine there are loads of video tutorials on You Tube to check and see if you think it will suit you.

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