Thursday, 11 August 2016

Camping with a dog

We've returned from a week camping on the south coast, soaking up the sunshine and waves near Padstow in Cornwall.  You didn't notice I'd gone because of clever technology which allows me to schedule blog posts in advance.  I only discovered it a month ago and it's great!  If I have a busy week coming, I know I can set the blog to run for a few posts and I don't need to worry that you are getting lonely without me :)

We set up our tent on a campsite with it's own private beach a few minutes walk away.  Early in the morning you are allowed to run your dog on the beach without a lead.  Because the early morning sun woke us naturally at about 6am, we were very pleased to give B. Dogg some unrestrained exercise each day.  It was his first exposure to sea and sand and he wasn't too keen on either at first.  The sound of crashing waves,  moving water which laps round your paws (unlike puddles) and sand sticking to your favourite ball which then gets in your mouth all take a bit of getting used to.

We don't think he'll make a swimmer.  He managed to avoid the sea and perhaps he can be forgiven.  The waves were pretty big.
This view is of the opposite end of our little beach looking directly at the local lifeboat station.  Each Wednesday evening while the volunteers practice launching and putting out to sea, the campsite organise a beach BBQ.  Saves cooking!  Not that a decent breakfast under canvas is a problem...
The hour after sunrise and before sunset is called the golden hour in photography.  Although I only had my phone camera with me on this trip, I managed to get some pics which if not perfect, at least will serve as reminders of a beautiful location and some lovely weather.

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