Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Celebrate - Tag

This is another outing for my home made stamp, this time on a tag.  I made the stamp from a little sketch of this rather glum character by using an imagepac kit. 

To make the stamp you start with an image and use either specialist software or what's available on your own computer (I just used the "paint" programme on my PC) to invert it into a negative.  Print this onto the film included in the pack in the darkest black you can.  I print 2 and place on top of each other as I can't get my printer to print really black and although it uses more film, it works!  Place it in a clamp and put the imagepac photosensitive gel pack on top.   Place the whole clamp-negative-gel sandwich under a UV light and after 2 mins, remove and wash away the soft gel.  This will leave the hardened gel where the UV light has shone through the clear spaces in your negative. Give it another burst of hardening time under the UV light and voila!  Your stamp is now ready to use.  It's quite a straight forward process but you do need to get your negative as black as possible and reduce as much light spill as you can.  Everything is included in your pack even a brush to clean off the soft gel which is gooey and nasty so I wear disposable gloves when doing this part.  There are videos on you tube and alternatives to buying the pack if you are happy to go to a little more trouble.  

I have more sketches waiting to become stamps and take their place in the projects in these posts :)
So here's the video showing how I made this tag and used my stamp, not how I made the stamp because that took me 3 attempts to perfect and involved a lot of very bad words.  And you are too young to hear the bad words.  Mwah!!

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