Monday, 22 August 2016

Altered Vintage Pot

My excuse for even having this plastic pot in the house is that it was on offer :)  Once it had been thoroughly emptied (sob) and was heading for the recycling, I thought what a shame it was to throw it because the shape was perfectly sturdy and practical.  But I'm not a one for shouty marketing and this was too loud even to be relocated to the shed.  (Is it just me who feels the urge to argue back with marketing slogans or ridiculous claims on inanimate objects?) I was standing beside the kitchen roll while having these deep thoughts and a little light bulb went "ping" in my head.  Why not turn the nasty pot into a nice pot?

The kitchen roll played a critical part as you will see in the video below and meant I could cock a happy snook at some nonsense on one of the craft channels selling a gloop and fabric set so you can make fairy houses.  Really?  Am I a princess?  Am I a diddy fairy girl?  And while we're on the subject, it's not "Fairy Dust" it's Brusho's and it's been around for over 30 years.  Just because I craft don't treat me like a poppet.  You're welcome. 

Where were we?  Oh yes, one square of kitchen roll and a decoupage type of glue is all you need to give your pot coverage and texture.  (Look, if you want to make a fairy house that's actually completely fine, just please don't think you need someone else's special kit to do it, mwah x!) 

 Once again, a project using my trademark water sprayed, scrunched, dried and painted flower stacks.  But this time edged with a clear embossing ink pen and a little gold embossing powder added to give the edges of leaves and flowers some definition.
I used a product called "Rusty Patina" because I had it in my stash and wanted to try it out but you don't need it.  Once the kitchen roll and glue is dry, paint over with whatever type of ink/paint you have.
See video for kitchen roll and glue in action!

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