Monday, 15 August 2016

What's Your Story - Mixed Media Page

I saw some Tim Holtz photo booth strips being sold cheaply recently and bought a packet.  They really sparked off my imagination.  As I flicked through the bundle the question I kept coming back to was "What's your story?"  As far as I can tell, these are genuine vintage photos re-printed for commercial use but these were real people with real stories.  Generally I find Tim Holtz materials work well together so I dug out some of his glassine paper from my craft stash.  I love this stuff!  It's a coated paper which looks as if it's waxed.  You can scrunch it up and treat it pretty roughly and create all kinds of effects.  If you ink it or paint it you need to fix the colour by heating with a heat gun which is what I did to create these autumnal looking leaves.  Close up they look just like dried fallen leaves.
The flowers are die cut shapes which are (as usual for me!) sprayed with water, scrunched, opened and left to dry.  When added to a project they look like leather.  I completed them with a candi dot fixed with a dimensional foam pad.
Enjoy the video, sorry about all the edits.  I had a major focussing problem which I had to edit out.  No way was I going to make you feel sea sick watching it zoom in and out!

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